Everyone has gifts and talents. Even the simplest skills can be helpful – perhaps income generating. Will you consider making what you know available to people who struggle? When we identify a matching need, we’ll work to connect you with a cross-cultural worker (expatriate). This cross-cultural worker will manage the relationship with her host culture and will invite you to help when your expertise is needed.

As you think about working with us, please consider the following:

How and whom we serve

GEO is a faith-based Christian organization. We believe every person has been created by God with equal and unsurpassable worth. Money, power, educational background – none of these make us superior to those we help. We help people with no expectation that they share our faith, values, beliefs, or religious practices.

We value relationships over expediency

Relationship trumps efficiency. We are most excited when we see those we help contribute to projects in meaningful ways. It may take longer, cost more, and lead to a result you don’t love, but the solution will likely be more culturally appropriate and sustainable.

We ask that volunteers be aware of the needs of the expatriate(s). If you agree to participate in a project, please plan to see it through.

To apply, click here.