How badly do you need that trinket?


Christmas is a season for giving and receiving – truly a representation of life under Christ’s authority. Blessing family and friends is a good thing. But can Christmas be a time to bless others as well?

My wife and I have already made a trip or two to World Market to find stocking stuffers. We never make a list of what people need. We just hope as we walk the aisles we’ll find something they will like.

If you are like us, your mailbox has been recently filled with catalogs from nonprofits inviting you to buy items for people you don’t know. We have a clear sense that these will be more than trinkets to those who receive them: chickens, ducks, goats, water, an education, antimalarial pills, and mosquito nets. Yet they hardly cost more than stocking stuffers.

Consider shopping from one of these catalogs this year. Most will send you a card so you can give in someone else’s honor. This year you can trade a trinket to improve someone’s quality of life.

Here are just a few of the organizations I know of that have catalogs —

World Concern

World Vision

Compassion International

Heifer International

Samaritan’s Purse