Expatriates and other project managers: if you are working cross-culturally to help people who struggle, GEO wants to help too. Maybe you have questions about a construction project or a savings club. Maybe you want to teach someone to weave or make soap. Or maybe you need someone to accomplish a task out of country. The internet offers an abundance of resources but sometimes it helps to consult a person.

Tell us what skill or expertise will help and we will work to find a person to help you – normally by email, phone, or internet conference. Trips to the field may also be a possibility.

As you think about working with us, please consider the following:

How and whom we serve

GEO is a faith-based Christian organization. We believe every person has been created by God with equal and unsurpassable worth. Money, power, educational background – none of these make us superior to those we help. We help people with no expectation that they share our faith, values, beliefs, or religious practices.

We value relationships over expediency

Relationship trumps efficiency. We are most excited by Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) approaches to helping. We like to see those we help contribute to projects in meaningful ways.

We ask that expats be aware of the interests and passions of our volunteers. Please initiate projects you plan to see all the way through.

To get started with us, please write to: